Renewable Energy

Blue Power Company (BPC) is an advanced innovative firm, has been focusing on develop and commercialize highly efficient sustainable energy conversion systems since 2012.

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Research Center

We aim to provide clean, affordable and reliable energy conversion systems to customers in communities and industries.

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Since 1993

Community Engagement

BP maintains close productive ties with foreign and domestic communities with a wide variety of interests in order to promote our technology and environmental awareness.

Our community engagement activities include:

Supporting and Local presentation events at various colleges and universities including, among others, Faculty of Engineering Helwan university Materia branch, Arab Academic and scientific technology, the Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University, and others.
Providing internship experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students meant to assist them in understanding the business development and engineering aspect of wave and wind energy.
Providing technical support and flexible fund for Graduation Projects.
sponsoring activities organizations for students including, IEEE and MECA.
·        providing flexible fund, technical support, and moral support for new energy projects in Egypt.

Awareness campaigns through Social media on the rationalization of electricity and water consumption.


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